Between 2019 to present: Strengthening Child Protection System at Sub-national level within 16 communes, 3 districts (Angkor Chum, Banteay Srei and Srei Snam) in Siem Reap province funding of Child Sponsorship Program of Plan International Cambodia.  Our project intervention and supports are to strengthen protective family environment through conducts community education sessions with parents, communities peoples to Promote positive parenting skills, Impact of VAC, risks of VAC, preventive environment, reporting procedures on VAC,  build strong parent-child relationships, non-violent behavior, challenging norms that promote masculinities based on violence and control; support to function of family experienced violence (Intimate Partner Violence) as member of closed-group and support to function of commune child clubs for their lead educational action and research on violence against children and youths VACY with the support from Youth Groups; support for strategic advocacy for better planning to prevent, protect and address against VACY. We support to reinforce the functioning of CBCPM to address VAC and to strengthen response services for CAY exposed to violence through function of Community Social Workers in providing psychological Counselling, Case Management, Referral cases. 

Between 2019 to Present: “Empowering Accountability Project” in Thbong Khmum province, funded by VBNK/Bread for the world. CCASVA's Management Team (MT) and Project staffs are receiving capacity strengthening on Social Accountability in Public Administration, development of Commune Investment Program and Community Empowerment from VBNK's consultants through training, meetings and workshops with following coaching process. CCASVA has implemented the pilot project that are providing support to community people for identifying and integrating their needs and issues into Commune Investment Program through a continue capacity building to community representatives to be agent of changes and better improvement of local authorities', CSOs and community representatives' accountability in particular their accountability responding to the most marginalized groups. 


Between 2017 to 2020: Child Protection Plus (CPP) Protect in Thbong Khmum province was implemented under funding of Australian National Office ANO through Plan International Cambodia. This project built on previous project Violence Against Children through partnership working with another NGO partner, Social Service of Cambodia (SSC) that has a recognized expertise in building capacity of Community Social Workers (CSWs). We worked collaboration with 12 target commune councils and Commune Committee for Women and Children (CCWC) in Ponhea Krek and Dambae districts to function Community Legal Counselors for providing the legal counseling and referral cases of women and children survivors of violence; Supported Community Based Groups to conduct protection risks and better skilled on child sensitive reporting manual through children and Youth clubs; Supported Child and Youth Lead educational activities and researches; Strengthened capacity and practice positive parenting through support training, meeting, peer to peer orientation, reflection and exchange experience and coordinated parents and caregivers group representatives to attend the meetings of local authorities in particular Commune Committee for Women and Children (CCWC) and District and Provincial Women and Children Consultative Committee (D/P WCCC) and supported for function of Village Community Based Child and Family Protection Mechanism for better improvement of their capacity in identifying, preventing and referring cases of violence against women, girls and boys.

Between 2015 to 2019: Reducing Child Poverty through the promotion of children’s active citizenship in Siem Reap & Tboung Khmum Province was financed by SIDA through Plan International Cambodia.  

Between 2014 to 2016: Violence Against Children (VAC) Project in Thbong Khmum province which was a continued project from Family Protection Network (FPN), funded by EU through Plan International Cambodia. We support to consolidate training materials on Child Protection for Community Based Family Protection Networks (CBFPNs); We supported to function CBFPNs at commune and district levels through provided the capacity building on VAC and Child Protection and supported them to initiate and lead activities for building capacity and function of Village CBFPNs and Community Based Groups like Child Clubs, Youth Groups, Parenting Groups and supported for their establishment of a child-sensitive reporting and referral mechanism (CRRM) and documentation on lessons learnt of High Impact CBFPNs model as well as supported to establish and strengthen of provincial Civil Society Organization (CSO) consortia for VAC and capacity building for CNCC at National and Provincial Level; assisted to CNCC in developing of a gender-sensitive National Plan of VAC.

Between 2011 to 2013: Family Protection Network (FPN) Project, funded from SIDA through Plan International Cambodia. The protect areas were 2 districts in Siem Reap province (7 communes in Angkor Chum district and 6 communes in Srei Snam district) and 2 districts in Kampong Cham province. CCASVA′s efforts focused on protecting children from all forms of abuse by providing children′s rights information, training, and capacity building advocacy at national and sub national levels. We empowered community based groups like child clubs, parenting groups (Intimate Partner Violence), Community Based Family Protection Networks (CBFPN), village and commune authorities, elders, religious groups to participate in protecting women and children from all forms of abuse and violence through provision of capacity development, technical support for establishing and operating their own groups, likelihood risks identification and mitigation action plan development.

Between 1996 and 2013: CCASVA created the Center for Child Development (CCD) in Phnom Penh. CCD delivered services such as health care, education, and vocational training. CCD changed the lives of more than 600 streets and working children, helping them become productive citizens in Cambodian society and better parents and moreover around 3000 children on the street and slum had access public school. Under supporting both financial and technical from Embassy UK, private donors, Save the children Norway, World Food program, Terre des Hommes Netherlands, COSECAM-EC, ACCT.

Between 1998 and 2012: CCASVA provided health and HIV/AIDS prevention education to youth, people living with HIV (PLHIV), pregnant women, men who had sex with men (MSM), entertainment workers (EW), and drug users in 3 districts of Prey Veng province. This helped them to receive better quality public health services and reduced HIV/AIDS infection transmission. CCASVA also provided livelihood training in business running, animal raising, and saving in self-help groups, increasing family incomes. CCASVA had been supported of financial and technical by KHANA (UNFPA, Global Fund, EC, World food program), PSI.

Between 2005 and 2012: CCASVA provided technical support to local communities to create and strengthen anti-child trafficking mechanisms in three districts of Prey Veng province, forming the Village Safety Net. CCASVA has been supported from Cambodia Acts-Terre des Hommes Netherlands and EC).

Between 2010 and 2012: Child Protection Project under technical and funding of Save the Children Australia (SCA). CCASVA worked within 4 communes in Kamchay Mear district, Prey Veng province. The focus in these communes provided technical support to Commune Council for Women and Children (CCWC) to mobilize resources and distributed children′s rights information. CCASVA also supported the Commune Council (CC) in making a commune investment plan and CCWC in making a social development plan. This helped both groups gain support from the local provincial administration unit for one year.

Between 2005 and 2012: CCASVA provided technical support to local communities to create and strengthen anti-child trafficking mechanisms in three districts of Prey Veng province, forming the Village Safety Net. CCASVA has been supported from Cambodia Acts-Terre des Hommes Netherlands and EC).

OTHERS: 2015-2016: Project “Child Protection Project in Kratie Province, funded by Child Fund Cambodia. 2013-2016: Project “Promoting street and working children’s education completed grade 12”, funded by Australia Cambodia Children Task force. 1998-2014: Project “Increasing Community Action on HIV/AIDS Prevention Integrated with Care and Impact Mitigation Efforts in Cambodia”, funded by KHANA/ADB/ WB/EC /GF. 2011-2012: Project “Strengthening Economic and Livelihood Opportunities for Low Income and HIV+ Women”, funded by CHEC/UNWOMEN. 1997-2012: Project “Livelihood/Food” funded by World Food Program. 2000-2012: Project VSAE funded by TdH Netherlands. 2003-2012: Project “HIV/AIDS Prevention Intervention” funded by Population services. 2003-2012: Project funded by Cambodia Act.2006: Project “Research on public health services among entertainment workers” funded by UNFPA. 2011: Project UNCRC and Promotion of Child Participation”, funded by CRC Cambodia.1998-2009: Project funded by Save children Norway. 1997-1998: Anti-Child trafficking funded by SCF-UK. 1997-1998: Project funded by UK Embassy. 

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